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"The Girl Who Lived on the Bottom of the Sea"

There once was a girl who lived on the bottom of the sea
Born with gills in her neck, it’s the only place she felt free
Swimming and floating, to be left alone was her wish
Living a peaceful life amidst the coral and fish.

But growing up on dry land, they called her “The Wretched Gill Girl”
Cruel people kept her in a cage, and sneers and jeers they would hurl
She endured their mockery and laughter, so jealous and petty
Until she escaped from her prison, and dove off the jetty.

Bidding the surface world “adieu”, she made a new life for herself
Formed a country of her own, deep between the continental shelf
Leaving those awful folks behind, she has no more reason to frown
And when the ice caps finally melt, she can watch them all drown. :-)

(Starring the lovely poetess Tam from!)

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Second piece from the “Sisters” pieces for the “Out of Body” show at the Gauntlet Gallery.

Date: April 5th - 26th

Location: 1040 Larkin St. San Francisco 94109

If you’re in the area, please do drop by for a visit and check out the other very very amazing artists’ works. Your life will change! :)

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